Home Buying Journey

Enhance the homebuying experience.

Provide a transparent hub for all your buyers.

The portal provides a secure space for the storage and signing of all necessary legal documents related to the home purchase. The Document Center is fortified with top-tier security measures to protect sensitive information, and all documents can be easily accessed, reviewed, and digitally signed.

Virtualize the entire homebuying experience.

Empower home buyers through interactive 3D models, transforming property analysis and encouraging informed choices. This immersive technology offers a detailed visual exploration of properties, enriching the overall home-buying experience.

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Offer a simple checkout process for upgrades.

The Decor Order System presents home buyers with the opportunity to personalize their newly purchased property. This interactive platform simplifies the selection process, providing clear, accurate, and detailed information, allowing buyers to craft a home that fits their unique preferences and needs.

Sales & Marketing CRM

Empower your sales and marketing teams.

Collect more leads with a powerful email marketing engine.

The Email Marketing Module provides an efficient system for gathering email addresses from various sources. Whether from online forms, sales interactions, or other channels, this feature ensures a steady inflow of potential leads into the builder's database.

Manage your pipeline with sophistication and simplicity.

Our CRM system is designed to help sales agents manage their interactions with current and potential home buyers. With the CRM, agents can track customer information, preferences, communication history, and other relevant details. This results in a more personalized, efficient service, driving both customer satisfaction and sales success.

Sell virtually, anywhere with integrated communication tools

Leverage our platform's multifunctional Agenda feature not only for efficient workday organization but also for conducting video calls directly through the system. Besides scheduling events and setting reminders, agents can sync information with their current calendars and even arrange virtual meetings.

Builder Admin Hub

Reduce admin hours. Increase overall success.

Manage your unit inventory with precision

The module offers an intuitive interface for making real-time changes to the inventory's availability and pricing. The administrative team can instantly update the status of each property, helping to ensure that the sales team always has the latest information at their fingertips.

Stay up to date on your decor inventory.

The module allows builders to conveniently input or import decor upgrade options into the system. This feature offers an organized and centralized location for storing and accessing all information related to decor upgrades.

Effortless legal document control

Easily manage legal envelopes with our platform's intuitive system. Upload, update, and modify document templates in real time, keeping them compliant and up to date. Secure digital signatures fast-track transactions, encapsulating our dedication to convenience and legal accuracy.

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