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Email Marketing

Attract leads with a powerful email marketing engine.

Email Collection

The Email Marketing Module provides an efficient system for gathering email addresses from various sources. Whether from online forms, sales interactions, or other channels, this feature ensures a steady inflow of potential leads into the builder's database.

Campaign Management

Once emails are collected, the module offers comprehensive campaign management tools. Builders can create, schedule, and manage email campaigns directly from the platform, allowing for seamless communication with potential and existing clients.

Campaign Analytics

The Email Marketing Module includes an integrated analytics feature, allowing builders to monitor campaign performance in real-time.

3D Model Creation

Convert your 2D floor plans into stunning 3D experiences.

AI-Powered Conversion

The cornerstone of our 3D Model Creation system lies in its AI-driven engine. This powerful technology takes 2D floor plans provided by home builders and, through advanced algorithms, transforms these flat representations into lifelike, interactive 3D models.

Device Compatibility and Embedding

The streaming technology employed in delivering the 3D models enables compatibility with a wide range of hardware devices. Whether accessed through a computer, tablet, or mobile device, these models retain their high-quality rendering.

Configurable Decor Upgrades

The 3D Model Creation system goes beyond just visualizing space – it allows for real-time customization. Home buyers can explore various decor upgrades available for the project, such as different floorings, wall colors, fixtures, and finishes.

Sales CRM

Empower your sales teams and trajectory.

Relationship and Pipeline Management

Our CRM system is designed to help sales agents manage their interactions with current and potential home buyers. With the CRM, agents can track customer information, preferences, communication history, and other relevant details. This results in a more personalized, efficient service, driving both customer satisfaction and sales success.

Legal Document Creation

The Sales Platform includes a powerful feature for creating and managing legal documents related to the home purchase, such as Agreements of Purchase and Sale. This functionality makes the document generation process more streamlined and reduces the potential for errors or omissions. It also ensures that all paperwork is centralized and easily accessible for both sales agents and home buyers.

Deposit Tracking

A crucial component of our platform is the Deposit Tracking feature. Upon receiving deposit cheques from home buyers, sales agents can log these transactions in the platform. This feature provides a clear, real-time overview of received and outstanding deposits, which is crucial for financial management and customer relationship maintenance.

 Inventory Management

Keep track of your available (and sold) units.

Real-Time Price and Availability Tracking

Our system offers a dynamic view of the builder's inventory, with the ability to track price and availability in real-time. This feature ensures that the administrative team always has the most current and accurate information to make informed decisions and avoid potential conflicts.

Inventory Management

The module offers an intuitive interface for making real-time changes to the inventory's availability and pricing. The administrative team can instantly update the status of each property, helping to ensure that the sales team always has the latest information at their fingertips.

Add-On Management

The Administrative Module also allows the team to attach any premiums and options to properties at the checkout stage for sales agents. This feature streamlines the sales process, providing clear, accurate, and complete information to both the sales team and home buyers.

Decor Inventory Management

Upload, edit, and manage decor inventory with precision.

Decor Inventory Management

Builders can manage the availability of decor upgrades per project efficiently using this module. It allows for real-time updates to inventory status, ensuring that builders, sales agents, and buyers always have access to the most current information.

Pricing and Descriptions

The module also allows for the straightforward management of pricing and descriptions for each decor upgrade. This functionality ensures accurate and consistent information is provided to potential buyers.

Purchase List Creation

Finally, the module can generate a detailed purchase list upon the completion of a purchase. This list, crucial for the decor team, ensures accurate and efficient sourcing and construction of the chosen upgrades.

AP Automation

Automate your AP process from start to finish.

Invoice Scanning and Matching

The AP Automation solution uses machine learning to scan each incoming invoice and match it with the relevant PO in the system. This process not only ensures that the invoice is correct, but also verifies that there are no issues with the submission.

Automated Invoice Submission

Once the invoice has been scanned and matched with a PO, the system automatically records the submission date and routes the invoice to the appropriate department for approval. This feature eliminates manual steps, reducing the chance of errors and delays.

Review and Payment Submission

After departmental approval, the invoice is forwarded to the accounting team for review. Once confirmed, the system aids in the generation and submission of a cheque for payment, thereby completing the process with minimal human intervention.

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